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Test kĩ năng nghe của bạn ngay

Test kĩ năng nghe của bạn ngay
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1. Click file nghe rồi chọn đáp án đúng

Where is the announcement taking place?


2. What is the main purpose of the announcement?


3. What is suggested about the EL401 standard desktop computer?


4. According to the announcement, why should discarded items be put in bags?


5. On what day are leaves and grass collected?


6. By what time should bags be placed outside?


7. Who most likely is making this announcement?


8. According to the announcement, what should drivers do in poor weather conditions?


9. When are listeners invited to contact an Auto and Marine agent?


10. What is the purpose of this announcement?


11. What has caused a problem?


12. What are computer users reminded to do?


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