Cấu trúc so sánh as…as


1. Teenage girls smoke almost ……. boys in many of the villages in West Java.


2. I told my son that I would take me to the circus next week ……. he keeps his promise not to fight with his sister.


3. You need to go to the hospital ……. possible. An erratic heartbeart can be very dangerous


4. Oh no! I failed all my exams last week. I’m ……. dead when my parents see my final report card.


5. I bet you don’t love me ……. I love you. That would be impossible!


6. I will accept your marriage proposal ……. you promise to love me and take care of me forever.


7. Rampant corruption in Indonesia will continue to happen ……. the government continues to deny that the problem exists.


8. Many British housewives cannot understand why many British men love watching football twice ……. their women.


9. Many anti-war protesters think that the President of the United States should withdraw his troops from Iraq……. possible.


10. A wise man once said that a change is almost ……. a holiday.


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