Thành ngữ với động từ “get”


1. After the small talk was over, it was time for the two heads of state to ……. discussions concerning bilateral relations between the two countries.


2. My accountant advised me that one of the best ways to ……. paying taxes in my own country was to set up an offshore bank account.


3. The high school teacher was so strict that he would not let his students ……. any of the stunts that they tried to pull with their previous teacher.


4. Train passengers wishing to go to the football match were advised to ……. the train at the next stop.


5. By the time I ……. you, you will be sorry that you ever stepped foot on the face of this earth.


6. The referee instructed both captains to stop their complaining and ……. the rugby match.


7. The days when Americans can ……. in the world on English only will soon be gone.


8. Please mind your step when you ……. the train.


9. I knew that I had to ……. early the next morning so I set my alarm for 4.30 a.m.


10. Employees at the reinsurance company were finding it very difficult to ……. with their new manager.


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