Thành ngữ với động từ “pass”

Đánh giá bài này

1. The World Congress of Georgian Jews yesterday announced the ……. of their head rabbi.


2. Entrepreneurs have several options when it comes to ……. a family business to their children.


3. Don’t ……. your opportunity to increase sales by leveraging the power of email marketing.


4. Once you ……. Prospect Street, we will be on the right hand side of the block, directly across the street from the museum.


5. If you were to ……. suddenly, your business could be tied up in probate court for several years.


6. Lawmakers shouldn’t ……. the chance to regulate tobacco.


7. I can make myself …….. I do it by taking in a deep breath and then pushing all that air down. It takes me about 15 seconds.


8. Foreign companies will have to ……. the hat to pay for the extra costs of doing business in Indonesia.


9. Approximately 27,000 — 29,000 vehicles ……. the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel on a daily basis.


10. The ……. game is just a preadolescent version of autoerotic asphyxia paraphilia.


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