Thành ngữ với động từ “pull”


1. I was told that his chances for ……. the surgery were slim and if he did make it, he was given little hope for the next 24 hours.


2. “If you don’t behave,” my father said, “I’m going to ……. right here, and you can wait by the side of the road till we come and get you.


3. ……. this period has given me the confidence and courage to pursue anything I want to despite the hard times.


4. President Bush said last Saturday that ……. of Iraq now is not an option and rejected calls by some lawmakers to start bringing U.S. troops home.


5. The M4 dissects the Downs and the rest of the county from east to west. The noise affects a wide area either side of the motorway and can ……. real estate prices.


6. Cyclists should always remember that motorists will frequently cross the bike lane to park and ……. and out of driveways.


7. Rescue teams rushed to the site and started ……. bodies from beneath the wreckage of the five-storied AlGhaza hotel.


8. If you experience a breakdown, you should ……. to the side of the road and raise the hood of your car.


9. One of the most memorable images of the war was created when U.S. troops ……. the statue of Saddam Hussein in Fardus Square.


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