Thành ngữ với động từ “run”


1. The Australian Labour Party doesn’t currently have any politicians that would be capable of successfully ……. the Prime Minister at the next federal election.


2. Hillary Clinton has not ruled out ……. president at the next election.


3. I decided to ……. my girlfriend and get married when I found out that her parents didn’t like me because of my run away withreligion.


4. My parents were very disappointed when they found out that I had ……. all their money.


5. The ……. apartment block failed to attact any buyers and was taken off the market so renovations could be carried out.


6. Many children try to ……. from home for one reason or another at least once during their childhood.


7. It’s so nice to ……. you again after all this time. I don’t think I’ve seen you for at least twenty years.


8. Can you please ……. our marketing campaign with me one more time? I don’t quite fully understand it yet.


9. Our dog loves to ……. the mail truck.


10. My mum had a ……. with my teacher for not allowing me to go to the toilet during class.


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