Trắc nghiệm toeic: danh từ (10 câu)


1. Has anybody seen the _______ of toner that just arrived for the copy machine ?


2. There is a three-month probation ________ for all new employees .


3. To call another company or other places, press 9 for an outside _______



4. Your business card should have your contact _______ .


5. Tariffs are set by our federal _______ Department.



6. It’s hard to read anything on your computer.

You should get a new _______ .


7. Which _______ is Mr.Hashimoto arriving at when his plane land ?



8. The vending machines in the employee _______ are out of order again.


9. To relieve work-related stress , our company provides free _______ for everyone.


10. Because Jack was injured at work ,he ‘s receiving workman’s ________ .


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