Trắc nghiệm toeic: danh từ.


1. You signature below will represent your _______ of this contract.


2. The ________ on who could be hired for that position did not seem legal.


3. Employee ________ in this company will prove beneficial for everyone.


4. The contract calls for a $1,000 _______ for everyday we go over the dealine.


5. The manager’s ________ for next year’s profits is very optimistic.


6. We have no other ________ if we want to expand the company safely.


7. I missed breakfast and lunch, so my _______ right now is to get something to eat.


8. The restaurant is due for an _______ by the Health Department
next week.


9. Our success is based completely on the _______ of our products.


10. The low profits we’re had over the last two quarters are due to the bad _______ .


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