Trắc nghiệm TOEIC reading : part 5.


1. The president of the company …. to Korea for an important conference.


2. Since Mr. Takahashi attends afternoon classes , he ….the night shift.


3. We just bought a new copy machine and will install it … the two offices.


4. The student intern needs permission to take time of for a … interview.


5. The employees at the factory eat lunch at that cafeteria at least…..


6. Employees must turn off the lights … they leave the office.


7. ….. it was the office manager’s birthday , the secretaries sent her roses.


8. Employees of the Kita Corporation are encouraged to do exercises ….  during their breaks.


9. The operator was not able to find the address …. telephone number.


10. Mrs. Gonzalez has been here for a long time, and she … one of the best workers we have.


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