Trắc nghiệm toeic reading: test 1


1. If the client….. dissatisfied, please have him write a letter


2. My acquaintance with Mr.Broughton started as a business relationship and became a …..


3. The train from Osaka will be arriving ….. Tokyo in ten minutes.


4. The meeting was postponed because the typists weren’t able to get the work …. in time.


5. If the receptionist is unable to answer your question, Ms.Takai… help you.


6. We rely on Ms. Lee for her experience, sensitivity, and…advice.


7. Mr. Moore is doing very well at his job and expects to …. over $100,000 next year.


8. The secretary asked a clerk to check the report for typing…..


9. Mr. Kim is considered one of the most honest …. most hardworking members of the finance team.


10. The retirement luncheon has been changed from 12:00…12:30 because the speaker will arrive late.


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