Trắc nghiệm toeic: Trạng từ

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1. The company _______ accepts yur resignation.


2. Al can copy documents so _______ that you can’t tell the original from the copy.


3. We’re sold _______ twice the amount of giftware this quarter thsn


4. You _______ wouldn’t object to a pay increase, would you?


5. _______, I’m so tired that I don;t care if we’re not offered any overtime.


6. I was _______ pleased to be given such a generous pay increase.


7. The supervisor _______ wanted to change our shifts, but he’s changed his mind.


8. The company ______ uses WordIt as our word processing program.


9. Sheila has learned her job ______ well considering how new she is here.


10. Management has been thinking ______ of opening up two new branch offices.


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