TOEIC test 4.


1. East Coast Airlines flight number 15 from New York ….Chicago has been canceled.


2. Beginning the first of next month, lunch breaks will be …. be fifteen minutes.


3. The computer programmer realized he had forgotten to turn off the office lights … he had left the premises.


4. Most employees have requested that their paychecks be… to their homes.


5. The error was noticed after Ms.Radice …. the order to the supply company.


6. Mr. Richards, the president of Capo Electronics, has had a very .. year.


7. Since Dr.Yamoto is always busy, it is best to call… make an appointment before coming to her office.


8. After working fifteen hours at the office , the new lawyer is finally putting away his papers and heading….


9. The photographer that we hired to take pictures of the banquet will be accompanied … his assistant.


10. Ms.Ueki has never made any… decisions regarding the operation of her company.


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