Trắc nghiệm TOEIC test 3.


1. Do you know if the… for last week’s order has been sent?


2. The board of directors proposed that an outside consultant be … in.


3. The company requires that all employees have a physical examination…..


4. Files in the accounting department need to be …. according to date.


5. The elevators are located … the water fountain at the end of the hall.


6. The company policy states that when they… late , employees must be paid at the overtime rate.


7. The advertising manager is… that the telegram that just arrived will give him a new account.


8. Employees are reminded that the first parking space in each row of the lot … open for visitors.


9. When Mr.Storer retires, the office is going to … a small party for him.


10. The company director has decided to hire an interior decorator to …the lobby.


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