Unit 22 Food and Nutrition Listening 3

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Listening 3. A cheesemaker is giving a talk about cheese. are these statements true or false? Listen and check the correct answer.

1. Cheese was first made over 3,000 years ago


2. Cheese contains vitamins


3. Most cheese in the United States is made from goat’s milk


4. Cheese doesn’t contain water


5. The process of making cheese was probably discovered by chance


6. Pasteurized milk contains bacteria


7. Carbon dioxide is added to pasteurized milk to make cheese


8. Curd is a liquid


Task 2. Listen again. how is chee made? number the steps from 1 to 5

A. the milk forms a solid substance._________
B. specially cultivated bacteria are added to the milk.__________
C.the milk is heated to remove all bacteria._________
D. the curd is removed and drained.___________
E. the milk is kept warm so the cultures can grow.___________


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