Elementary Grammar- Test 21- Other, another, others, the others.

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1. 1.There are ten pieces of fruit in my basket. One is an orange, one is a grape and ……. is an apple.


2. 2.I have two pencils. One is black, ……. is blue.


3. 3.There are four girls in my apartment. Two are called Casey and Amber. ……. are Joanne and Lindsey.


4. 4.There are several holidays in Brazil. One is Independence Day and ……. are Children’s Day and Teacher’s


5. 5.My friend has two cars. One is black and ……. is red.


6. 6.My mom speaks three languages. One is English and ……. one is French.


7. 7.There are eight pets in my house. Six are cats and ……. are dogs.


8. 8.There are 50 states in the United States. One is North Carolina and ……. are Virginia and Kentucky.


9. 9.My neighbor has four kids. One of them is a boy and ……. are girls.


10. 10.There are three books in my backpack. One is a maths book and ……. is a chemistry book.


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