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1. Appearance 

  • Tall: Having greater height than average. 

Example: “He is tall and stands out in the crowd.”

  • Short: Having a lesser height than average.

 Example: “She is short but full of energy.”

  • Slim: Having a slender or thin physique. 

Example: “The model has a slim figure.”

  • Chubby: Having a plump or slightly overweight appearance.

 Example: “The baby looks chubby and adorable.”

  • Athletic: Having a muscular or fit physique. 

Example: “He has an athletic build from regular exercise.”

  • Curly: Having hair that forms curls or waves. 

Example: “Her curly hair bounces when she walks.”

  • Straight: Having hair that lacks curls or waves. 

Example: “He has straight hair that is easy to manage.”

  • Fair: Having a light or pale complexion. 

Example: “She has fair skin that burns easily in the sun.”

  • Dark: Having a deeper or darker complexion.

 Example: “His dark eyes stand out against his tan skin.”

  • Stylish: Having a fashionable or well-groomed appearance. 

Example: “She always dresses in a stylish manner.”

Fill in the blank exercises: 

  1. Sarah is ______________ and has a slender body shape.
  2. Mark has a very _______________ complexion that tans easily in the sun.
  3. Tom’s hair is _______________ and forms beautiful waves.
  4. Lisa is not very tall; she’s a bit _______________ but incredibly energetic.
  5. James has an _______________ build from playing sports regularly.
  6. Maria’s hair is sleek and _______________, easy to manage in the mornings.
  7. Amanda always dresses very well, she has a very _______________ sense.
  8. Emma has a _______________ complexion that often gets sunburnt easily.
  9. David is quite tall and always _______________ in a crowd.
  10. The baby has adorable chubby cheeks; she looks so _______________.


  1. Slim
  2. Dark
  3. Curly
  4. Short
  5. Athletic
  6. Straight
  7. Stylish
  8. Fair
  9. Tall
  10. Chubby

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