Một số chủ để trong part 2 – phần thi nói trong phần thi IELTS

ilets, speaking ielts
1. Describe a museum 1)  How often do you visit the museum? 2)  Which type of museum is popular in your country? 3)  Why do you want to visit the museum?Follow-up:²  What do you think of the importance of museums in history?²  How do you think of the heritage of a country?²  Compare the museums nowadays and in the past2. Describe your favorite photograph1)      Where was the photo taken?2)      Who took the photo? 3)      What can be seen from the photo?4)      Explain why it is the favorite photograph for you.Follow-up: ²  How to take good photo? ²  When do people use camera? ²  How can the new technology put cinema’s skill advanced? 3. The important historic place1)  What is the place?2)  Where is it located?3)  Why do you think it is…
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