Tình huống giao tiếp ở sân bay

Airline (N) : hãng hàng không

I need to book a flight to Berlin next week. Which airline do you suggest I fly with? : Tôi muốn đăng kí chuyến bay tới Berlin tuần sau. Anh/chị có thể gợi ý cho tôi có chuyến bay nào được không
The cheapest airline that flies to Germany is Lufthansa. It’s a German carrier: Chuyến bay rẻ nhất mà bay tới Đức là lufthansa thuộc hãng hàng không Đức
Arrivals (N): Phòng chờ
When your plane arrives at the airport, your family and friends will meet you at arrivals: khi máy bay của bạn đến sân bay, gia đình của bạn sẽ gặp bạn ở phòng chờ
Jane, I’ll meet you in the arrivals lounge.  : Jane, Tôi sẽ gặp bạn  ở phòng chờ (
arrivals lounge)

English vocabulary words airport2 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Board (V): lên máy bay

All passengers on Belle Air flight 2216 must go to the gate. The plane will begin boarding in 10 minutes: Tất cả hành khách trên chuyến bay 2216- Bell đề nghị  ra cổng ngay. Máy bay sẽ bắt đầu cho hành khách lên máy bay (boarding) trong 10 phú nữa

english vocabulary words airport5 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Boarding pass (N) : Thẻ lên máy bay
After you have notified the airline you are at the airport and you’ve checked your luggage, you will be given a boarding pass that shows you where the plane will be boarding and it will also show your seat number : Sau khi bạn nhận ra hãng hàng không ở sân bay và kiểm tra hành lý, bạn sẽ được đưa 1 thẻ lên máy bay (Boarding pass), thẻ này sẽ cho bạn biết số ghế của bạn
Sir, this is your boarding pass. You will be boarding at gate 22 at 6.35.
Boarding time (N) : giờ bay
Your boarding time is the time that people will be allowed to start entering the plane: là thời gian mà mọi người được phép bắt đầu lên máy bay
Boarding will begin in approximately 5 minutes. We ask all families with young children to move to the front of the line:lên máy bay sẽ bắt  đầu trong khoảng 5 phút. Chúng tôi yêu cầu các gia đình và trẻ nhỏ di chuyển lên vạch bên trên)
Book (a ticket) (V) : mua vé

Hi, how can I help you?: Tôi có thể giúp gì ngài
I’d like to book a return ticket to Paris, please.: Tôi muốn mua vé khứ hồi về Paris
English vocabulary words airport3 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Business class (N): Hạng doanh nhân
Business class is the area where people who are traveling for business purposes sit. It’s towards the front of the plane and the tickets are more expensive than normal tickets: Hạng doanh nhân là khu vực dành cho những người đi với mục đích công việc và thường ở phần trước của máy bay và đắt hơn so với vé thường
We’d like to invite all our passengers flying in business class to start boarding: Chúng tôi mời tất cả hành khách hạng doanh nhân ( Business class) băt đầu lên máy bay

English vocabulary words airport4 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Carry on (luggage) (N) :  hành lý

I’m sorry, but your carry on is too heavy. Tôi xin lỗi nhưng hành lý của ngài quá nặng

english vocabulary words airport6 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Check in (V/N) : thủ tục đăng kí
When you check in, you notify the airline you have arrived at the airport. They will take your suitcase and give you a boarding pass. The area where you do this action is also called check-in: Khi bạn làm thủ tục đăng kí bạn phải chú ý đến hãng hàng không của bạn. Họ sẽ thu nhận hành lý và đưa bạn thẻ lên máy bay. Khu vực mà bạn đăng kí cũng được gọi là ( check in)
How many passengers are checking in with you?: Ngài đăng kí bao nhiều người vây
It’s a large school group. We have 45 people in our party (group): một nhóm lớn, chúng tôi có 45 người 

english vocabulary words airport7 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Conveyor belt/carousel/baggage claim (N)
When your plane arrives, your bags and suitcases come out on the moving conveyor belt. Another word that you might hear for this is a carousel or baggage claim.
All passengers arriving from New York can pick up their luggage from carousel 4.
Customs (N)
Before you’re allowed to enter the country, you must go through customs where you will be met by a customs officer. Here they will check if you’re bringing anything illegal into the country such as firearms (guns), drugs or too much money and they will ask you if you “have anything to declare?” If you’re not carrying anything that is forbidden, you should answer “no”.

english vocabulary words airport8 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Delayed (Adj)
If your flight has been delayed, it means that it’s late. Maybe it has been delayed because of bad weather, too much air traffic, or technical problems.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is an announcement that flight NZ245 has been delayed. Your new departure time is 2.25.
Departures (N)
When you are leaving to go on a trip, you will need to go to the departures lounge where you will wait to board your flight.
All passengers flying to Istanbul are kindly requested to go to the departures lounge.

english vocabulary words airport9 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Economy class (N)
Most people who travel by plane travel in economy class because the price is much cheaper.
I’d like to book an economy class ticket to Rome next Friday.
Would you like to make it return or one-way?
A return ticket. I’d like to come back the following Friday.
Okay then, for one week?

english vocabulary words airport10 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
First class (N)
First class is the most expensive area of the plane. There is a lot of space to move. The seats are bigger and the service is better.
Next time I want to fly first class.
Why? It’s so expensive!
I’m just too tall. I have no leg room in economy.

english vocabulary words airport1 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport

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Fragile (Adj) 
Sometimes we carry things that are delicate or easily broken when we travel. A way of letting the people handling our suitcases know is to mark it with a sticker saying fragile. This will show them that they need to be a little more careful with your stuff.

english vocabulary words airport11 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Gate (N)
In the departures lounge there are a number of different gates (doors) that lead to different flights.
Can you tell me where flight AZ672 to New York departs from, please?
Yes, it leaves from gate A27.

english vocabulary words airport12 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Identification (ID)
Your ID or your personal identification is your official document that you need to sure you are who you really are. When flying, the ID you’re required to carry is your passport.
I’d like to book a flight to New Jersey for tomorrow.
Certainly, can I see your ID please?
Liquids (N)
Liquids are anything that is not solid or hard or has a watery base such as a bottle of water, perfume or foundation. All airports do not allow passengers to travel with more than 100ml of liquids. All liquids you do carry on the plane must be put in a plastic bag.
Are you travelling with any liquids?
Yes, I have this deodorant.
I’m sorry, but that is too big. Each container must not exceed (go over) 100ml.
Long-haul flight (N)
A flight that travels a long distance in one go for example a long-haul flight would be flying from New York to Sydney.
I really don’t like long-haul flights and wished we had a stopover somewhere, but we really need to get back on that day and we don’t have time.
On time (Adj)
When you are travelling and you want to check the status of your flight you can look at the departures board. Here you will see all your flight information and if it says that your flight number is on time then the plane will depart at the right time.

english vocabulary words airport13 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
One-way (ticket) (N)
If you ask for a one-way ticket it means that you do not want to return to your destination. The opposite of a one-way ticket is a return ticket.
Hi, I’d like to book a one-way ticket to Hong Kong.
What’s your purpose (reason) for traveling?
We’re emigrating (moving for a new life) there.
Oversized baggage/Overweight baggage (N)
Each passenger is only allowed to have one suitcase that weighs 20kg or less. If they have a big piece that you want to send or something that is too heavy, the people at check in will charge you more money.
I’m sorry madam, but your bag is overweight.
By how many kilos?
One minute, let me just take a few things out.
Stopover (layover)
If you are travelling on a long-haul flight, you usually have to have a short stop in another country first. This stop is called a stopover or a layover.
If you’re travelling from Europe to Australia, it’s recommended that you have a stopover either in Los Angeles or Dubai because the flight is very long otherwise.

english vocabulary words airport14 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Travel agent (N)
A travel agent is a person will help you to organize your travel plans and book your flights.
I tried looking for a flight online, but I couldn’t book it with my credit card.
You should visit the travel agent in the mall, she is very good and they have great offers.

english vocabulary words airport15 25 Useful English Vocabulary Words For the Airport
Visa (N)
A visa is a special document that gives you permission to enter into a country. Some countries have strict laws and depending where you’re from, you may need to obtain (get) a visa.
Could you tell me if a person from Albania needs a visa to travel to Italy?
How long are you going for?
3 weeks.
No, you don’t require (need) a visa. Albanian citizens can travel up to 3 months without a visa to any EU country.
Helpful Tips Luggage/baggage vs. suitcase/bag
A common mistake among non-English speakers is the difference between luggage and bag.
The word bag is countable, which means we can say many bags or 3 bags whereas luggage is uncountable and it can mean either one bag or many. If you want to make the word luggage plural, you would add the phrase ‘pieces of…’ in front of it.
How many pieces of luggage do you want to check in today sir?
2 pieces. Okay, that’s fine.
If we want to wish someone a good flight or journey in English, we can also use the French phrase Bon Voyage”.
Traveling by plane can be really exciting, especially if you’re heading to a place where you’ve never been before, but at the same time it can get really stressful too, especially if you have problems understanding the English that’s used at the airport. Do yourself a favor and learn some of these essential words to help make your travel experience an enjoyable one. When you arrive in your new country, make sure you speak as much English as possible to practice, and don’t forget to take lots of cool photos.
Save travels. Bon Voyage!

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