Trắc nghiệm toeic (word: Adjective)


1. All staff members are _______ for the accuracy of their time cards.


2. Everybody who works here has his/her ______ parking space in the garage.


3. Some people say the ______ power in this company lies with the boss’s brother.


4. We’re all glad that the new CEO is a very ______ leader.


5. It’s so nice that your assistant is such a ______ person.


6. The new line of cleaning products is still in the ____ stage of development


7. The loyalty she has from her staff is_____ of what a good manager she is.


8. Jeanne’s _______ approach to all of her work is what makes her so valuable to us.


9. Before you go abroad, make sure you have a ______ passport.


10. We are proud that our company has the most _______ health-care plan in the state.


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