Trắc nghiệm TOEIC.


1. You will have to…. an operator’s manual from the library because I don’t think we have one here.


2. There aren’t any envelopes or file folders in the supply closet because they….


3. The assistant does not recall receiving a telex from the Mexico office … from the South American office.


4. … this kind of machine before , or should we call in a repair person ?


5. If our office … a coffee machine , Mr.Perkins said he would make coffee every morning.


6. The time sheets are to be filled out twice …. in the morning when the staff arrives and in the evening when they leave.


7. Boxes received from the print shop are not to be … unless marked otherwise.


8. The goal of our meetings is to make the directors… our problem.


9. ….. Mr.Park was the only one who knew the way to the conference , he drove the car.


10. Ms.Wang did not want her check automatically…. into her account.


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