Trắc nghiệm Toeic: Động từ.


1. If you can not _______ those accusations, I want to hear no more about it.


2. Government experts _______ te stock market to do better in thecoming months.


3. Do you ________ to increase employee benefits during the next open enrollment?


4. Whenever out-of-town clients visit us, we do our best to _______ them.


5. The auditors ________ that the bookkeepers send them figures every two weeks.


6. My boss’s wife loves to ______ antique bottles and jars.


7. I dislike radios playing in the office because they _______ me while I try to work.


8. We would like to ______ that these bonuses are a one-time only thing.


9. Management likes wmployees who _______ to participate i company events


10. By law, we must _____ how much federal income tax to deduct from your pay.


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