White water rafting


1. You must admit flying in a hot air balloon is an amazing …….


2. Can you remember the last time you ……. such an exciting time?



To be honest, I have never ……. in a balloon.




Really, then it’s about time you tried it …….



5. Are you really suggesting that we ……. actually get into one of those ridiculous things?


6. Why not? There is nothing to be ……. of. After all it won’t be just us in the balloon .



You must be joking. Have you forgotten how terrible I felt the last time we went somewhere ……. plane?




Oh, come on. Why do you have to be such a kill ……..



9. That’s not fair. You know full ……. what it feels like to be worried sick when everyone else is laughing at you.



All right you win. I promise I won’t bring it ……. again. Why don’t just we go white water rafting instead?



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