Elementary Grammar- Test 4- Start vs. Begin.

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Elementary Grammar- Test 4- Start vs. Begin.

1. 1.I ……. my car to make sure it worked about ten mintues before I drove to work.


2. 2.My car very rarely ……. first time when the weather is really cold.


3. 3.We ……. off early on the first day of summer so that we could see the sun rise.


4. 4.I read the ……. of that book but I couldn’t possibly read the whole story.


5. 5.I can’t ……. to understand why anyone would want to be cruel to animals.


6. 6.He ……. off at me again simply because I had forgotten to lock the back door after I came home.


7. 7.I won a lot of money by betting on that horse but it was simply a case of ……. luck.


8. 8.As far as I was concerned when the accident happened, it was the ……. of the end.


9. 9.Who would like to ……. off the debate?


10. 10.I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t ……. up that old argument again.


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