Thành ngữ với động từ “fall”

Đánh giá bài này

1. David Beckham’s ……. Sir Alex Ferguson originated from his decision to stay at home and tend his ailing son rather than attend training on that particular Friday.


2. Don’t always ……. creating another database or a workaround program because there may actually be a better business solution for the problem.


3. Frequent binge drinkers are eight times more likely than non-binge drinkers to miss a class, ……. schoolwork, get hurt or injured, and damage property.


4. Student mentors catch children before they ……. cracks.


5. The northeastern state of Assam could ……. the Indian map soon.


6. A Brussels based think tank reported that Europe is ……. Asia in terms of education and skills.


7. She had no family support system to ……., and she couldn’t afford daycare.


8. A recent survey showed that one in three house hunters have had a property purchase ……..


9. Some married couples ……. each other over differences of opinion on how things could or should be done.


10. Deciduous trees send messages to leaves telling them when to ……..


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