Thành ngữ với động từ “put”


1. Our daily habits often force us to ……. all kinds of degrading and destructive events, all in the name of keeping things comfortable or familiar.


2. A Russian culture festival on Tajik territory has been ……. indefinitely because of a local typhoid fever outbreak.


3. The Government has decided to ……. the recent Cabinet decision to cut the food subsidy bill by 30 per cent, following protests from a section of Congress.


4. ……. your garbage at the designated pickup point by 8 a.m. on the collection days scheduled for your area.


5. It was reported that Hyundai Motor Co. will ……. a car-assembly plant in the Philippines after the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and South Korea forge a free trade agreement.


6. Sweaters are easy to ……., comfortable, warm and above all stylish.


7. The United Nations was ……. charge of sorting out differences among countries offering to build a Tsunami early warning system after a flood of proposals in the wake of the Indian Ocean tragedy.


8. Homeowners ……. a kitchen fire last Sunday night, only to soon notice the fire was spreading inside the walls of their home.


9. French soldiers decided to ……. a Punch and Judy show for their American counterparts.


10. A Betawi couple hoping to marry last weekend were forced to ……. their wedding ceremony until law and order had been restored in the city.


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