Thành ngữ với độg từ “knock”

Đánh giá bài này

1. I usually ……. work at about 4:00 o’clock and run to the station to catch the train to my next job.


2. England ……. South Africa in the Singapore Sevens tournament at Singapore’s National Stadium, beating them 33-14 in the semi-final yesterday.


3. Do you want me to ……. some lunch?


4. A few months ago, James got a ……. his front door.


5. The defendant pleaded guilty to providing a group of Russians with ……. goods


6. Professional boxers don’t wear head gear because their intent is to ……. their opponent.


7. There wasn’t much food in the cupboard, but I managed to ……. a meal for myself.


8. People who ……. their neighbor’s doors and ask if anyone has seen their pet instead of just calling are more likely to find it.


9. A scrum is a way of restartinga game of rugby unionafter an accidental infringement such as a ……..


10. The Gulshan is a good honest curry house renowned for its abilitly to ……. a rather good curry.


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