Elementary Grammar- Test 3- Finish vs. End.

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Elementary Grammar- Test 3- Finish vs. End.

1. 1.The brothers will ……. school both together at the end of this year.


2. 2.They wanted their daughter to improve her social skills and sent her to the famous ……. school in Switzerland.


3. 3.You can’t miss it, it’s that tall building right at the ……. of the road.


4. 4.Sadly their marriage of 25 years ……. in divorce.


5. 5.It didn’t take long for the children to ……. off the cakes and pastries that had not been eaten at the party.


6. 6.He thought they would all share the cost of the meal but unfortunately he ……. up paying for everybody.


7. 7.After the children had ……. doing their homework, the whole family watched television.


8. 8.You could tell the time by him because he always ……. work at exactly the same time every day.


9. 9.I’ve written practically the whole book except for the last part and I just don’t know how to ……. the story.


10. 10.To most people it seemed like a long and successful relationship and so it was a great surprise to learn that
they had ……. with each other.


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