Trắc nghiệm động từ (10 câu)


1. I’m sorry to be late for the meeting , but my new secretary ________ to tell me you had scheduled it earlier.


2. When you get to our main entrance, ________ a left as you enter the parking lot.


3. It’s a company custom to _______ to work in casual clothes on Fridays.


4. If you’re _______ Ms.Rogers, you’ll find her in the board room


5. Most of us in this office _______ lunch at noon.


6. The boss doesn’t ________ to playing the radio at your desk if the music is low.


7. If I criticize your work ,you shouldn’t ________ it personally.


8. My daughter in college is _______ international business.


9. I’m glad you enjoyed that appetizer , so I_____ the chicken for your entree.


10. If you _______ long before leaving for the airport ,the hotel will keep your bags for you.


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