Kết quả sau khi học tại trung tâm

Trắc nghiệm sử dụng mạo từ a, an, the

Trắc nghiệm sử dụng mạo từ a, an, the
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Làm 10 câu trắc nghiệm sau để kiểm tra  trình độ sử dụng mạo từ  a, an, the của bạn.

Trắc nghiệm 10 câu


I want to buy ……. laptop computer next week.



Can you please go to ……. grocery store on fifth street and buy 2 cartons of milk?



Please meet me at the train station in ……. hour from now.



I like to watch tennis on the television. It is ……. very good game



My brother won an award for being ……. best speller in our school.



Do you want to watch ……. movie with me tonight?



I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw ……. elephant crossing the road in front of my school yesterday.



How much will it cost to go on ……. holiday to Bali?



Can you please help me pick out ……. birthday present for my father?



……. President of the United States will be visiting Australia next week.


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